7 Key Aspects of Romana Kryzanowska’s Influence on Modern Pilates


Romana Kryzanowska is a significant figure whose influence on modern Pilates has shaped the fitness world. This article examines her life, career, and her profound impact on contemporary Pilates practices.

Origins and Introduction to Pilates

Born in 1923 in Detroit, Michigan, Kryzanowska displayed a natural talent for ballet from an early age. She joined the School of American Ballet in New York City, but an ankle injury led her to Joseph Pilates, the founder of the Pilates method. The method not only healed her injury but also sparked her interest in this unique fitness approach.

Training Under Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates saw potential in Kryzanowska and invited her to be his apprentice. She gained a comprehensive understanding of the Pilates method and its benefits under his guidance. She became an essential part of his studio, teaching classes alongside him, and standing in for him when necessary.

Carrying Forward the Pilates Legacy

Following Joseph Pilates’ death in 1967, Kryzanowska took up his mantle. She led his studio, ensuring the survival and growth of the Pilates method. Her extensive knowledge and proficiency made her a leading figure in the Pilates sphere.

Romana Kryzanowska's influence on modern Pilates

Expansion and Refinement of the Pilates Method

Kryzanowska’s contributions to Pilates extend beyond merely preserving Joseph’s method. She refined and augmented his work, introducing new techniques and exercises. While always adhering to Joseph’s original principles, she made his method more accessible and beneficial for a wider audience.

Romana’s Pilates: The Benchmark of Classical Training

Her approach to Pilates, now known as Romana’s Pilates, is often considered the gold standard in classical Pilates training. Her emphasis on precision, control, and fluid movement mirrors Joseph Pilates’ original intent while incorporating her own insights.

Influence on Contemporary Pilates

The influence of Kryzanowska on modern Pilates is extensive. Through her teachings, she has helped maintain the original principles of the Pilates method while adapting it to modern needs. Many of today’s leading Pilates instructors have been directly or indirectly influenced by her teachings.

Training the Next Generation of Instructors

Kryzanowska committed a significant part of her career to training future Pilates instructors. Her rigorous training programs have produced some of the world’s top Pilates teachers, who continue to spread her teachings and philosophy. For more detailed insights, check out these easy steps mastering balanced body allegro fitness guide.


Although Kryzanowska passed away in 2013, her legacy continues. Her unwavering commitment to the Pilates method and her contributions to its development have left a lasting impression on the fitness industry. Today, Romana’s Pilates continues to thrive worldwide, upholding the standards and principles she passionately advocated.


Kryzanowska was more than just a student of Joseph Pilates; she was a visionary who saw the potential in his method and dedicated her life to propagating and expanding it. Her teachings continue to shape the world of Pilates, inspiring numerous individuals to adopt this unique approach to physical fitness. Learn more about Pilates from Wikipedia.

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